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Setting up a limited company may not always be the best legal structure for your business. You may decide that operating as a sole trader or if you have business partner, a partnership, may be by far the simplest, quickest, and cheapest way to manage your affairs.

Limited companies are by far, the most complex business model and involve more time to set up, are more expensive to run and involve more administrative red tape. Why then, to so many people operate these businesses through a limited company?

In short their main advantages are, that they provide some security against loss of the owner's personal assets, should the business not succeed. Some businesses do fail!! Additionally through proper tax and accounting management you can save Tax!

To see how much, you could save should you incorporate use our incorporation calculator

After all that has been said and after speaking to us, should you decide to incorporate we are here to assist you setting up your new limited company and the helping you manage the additional red tape.

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